We offer growths of cotton and cotton waste to our valued customers. We are currently representing some of the largest and reputable cotton traders in the world.  
  Cotton Outlook Magazine    

We are exclusive agents for Cotton Outlook in Pakistan. To introduce Cotton Outlook, it is published by Cotlook Limited, an independent Merseyside-based company that has been engaged in publishing cotton news for around 80 years. Cotton Outlook is run and staffed by people who have no trading interest in raw cotton, and has thus won a world-wide reputation for accuracy and impartiality.

For over 25 years it has compiled and published the Cotlook A Index of raw cotton values. The A Index is widely regarded as the reliable barometer of world cotton values, and is referred to by the major international cotton organisations, such as the International Cotton Advisory Committee, and for many years has been used as a key price in US farm legislation. The Index is used in many different ways by various countries and trading organisations.

We offer all Cotlook news services exclusively in Pakistan and you can contact us for subscription to all Cotlook services. We are pleased to inform that Cotton Outlook is currently running a special promotional scheme for Pakistan. Please contact us for details and we would be obliged to help you out


    Cotton Outlook Headlines    
  Cotton International Magazine    

We act as sole agents for Cotton International in Pakistan and you can either subscribe or book advertising space in any of the below magazine thorough us.

The Cotton International Annual is the long-time voice of the world cotton and textile industry. For more than 70 years we have served merchants, mills, spinners and weavers, traders and associations. Published in January each year, the Cotton International Annual is read worldwide by 9,000 subscribers with a pass-on readership of 18,000 - the largest circulation in the international cotton market.

Cotton International Magazine is the top monthly publication for global cotton. Established as a monthly magazine in the early 2000s to serve the rapidly changing needs of the worldwide cotton industry, Cotton International Magazine carries the tradition and success in serving the global cotton market long established by its parent, the Cotton International Annual, published continuously since the 1930s.

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