A.E. Mohamedy is proud to be the partners of internationaly recognized cotton companies.  

Olam is a leading global supply chain manager of agricultural products and food ingredients. OLAM operates an integrated supply chain for 14 products sourcing from 12,000 collection points in over 35 origin countries and delivering them to over 3,000 customers in 50 destination markets. OLAM are today a global leader in many of these businesses including Cocoa, Coffee, Cashew, Sheanuts, Sesame, Rice and Teak Wood.


  Plexus Cotton Limited

Since launching in 1990, Plexus Cotton has rapidly grown into a global network of partnerships, with an annual turnover approaching half a billion dollars. Our influence and activities comprise farming, ginning, warehousing, logistics and marketing operations.


  Joseph Walker & Company INC

Joseph Walker & Company, Inc. has been in the cotton merchandising business for 4 generations, with the firm being established in 1923 by its founder, Joseph Walker. Currently, Joseph Walker & Co., Inc. has joined forces with Plexus Cotton since Plexus Cotton purchased a major portion of stock in the incorporated company.

Joseph Walker & Company is based in the Southeastern United States, with its headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina. Joseph Walker & Company also owns a fully operational cotton warehouse that boast 213,750 square feet for cotton storage which only increases Joseph Walker & Company’s ability to accurately export cotton abroad and to its domestic mill customers.

Joseph Walker & Company acts as the vehicle for the US cotton producer and the cotton mills around the globe for the marketing and delivery of the raw product of cotton. Through exceptional service, Joseph Walker & Company prides itself on service and the timely delivery of the quality of its contracted cotton. Joseph Walker & Company continues to purchase, handle, and sell cotton within the United States and around the world.



Eurotex Industries is a part of Patodia Group of Industries, which is of national and international fame and which pioneered the business of cotton and art silk yarns in India. The group's present turnover is in excess of US$ 100 Million, and covers almost full range of the activities of textile industry, from raw cotton to ready to wear fashion garments. The group has firm business tie-ups with textile companies all over the world including Japan, Switzerland, UK, Germany, South Korea, Italy and USA. Cotton yarn exports of the group comprise almost 10% of India's yarn exports.


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